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One committed suicide while temporarily insane.


died from enteric fever contracted at his home. Another succumbed to a sudden heart weakness. Lieut.-Col. Jones, Director of Medical Services, and his aides inoculated every soldier against typhoid. Lieut.-Col. Nasmith, of Toronto, watched the water supply and trained 150 men of the Army Medical Corps in water analysis. The result was seen in the hospital records. Not one case of typhoid fever or contagious disease appeared.

The first review was held on September 6th in the presence of His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught, nearly all the Cabinet Ministers, and a number of distinguished visitors. It was a dull day, turning from a drizzle of rain to a downpour. About two-thirds of the men were in line, including some sixty guns. Consul-General Yama of Japan commented on the remarkable bearing of all ranks. "I never expected to see," he said, "such a fine body of men after so short training. I thought the artillery very fine and up to date."

Better weather favoured the second review, held on September 14th. Then 25,000 infantry were in line, with 66 guns, 400 artillery horses, and 1,000 cavalrymen. The march past the saluting base where the Duke and his staff were posted occupied seventy minutes. Another review was held a week later and a cycle corps appeared in the line. Meanwhile among the many distinguished visitors who had come to see the camp was the Duke of Manchester. His comment was: "It is simply wonderful. I have never seen anything before like this camp. I was especially struck with the extraordinary physical fitness of the men and with their cheerful disposition."

By September 21st, the movement towards the trans-ports assembling in Quebec harbour began. It was announced that the contingent would consist of eleven batteries of artillery, 7,500 horses, and 31,200 men, nineteen battalions of infantry, and the Princess Patricia Regiment. The men departed quietly and in sections, most of them marching the sixteen miles to Quebec

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