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tented after reading his letter, and it lightened consider-ably my burden of anxiety."

Another written by a private at a training camp:

"Dear Madam: The boys of the —th Res. Bn. who had the pleasure of staying at the Soldiers' Club under your management have left it to me to thank you and your Staff for the excellent accommodation and the kind way in which we were welcomed. It has been appreciated very much, and should we ever get the chance to visit London again the Maple Leaf Club will certainly be our stopping-place. Personally I have wondered often if the womenfolk throughout the country will get full credit for the wondrous work they are doing and the many acts of kindness they do for the boys; truly they are doing their bit and doing it well, gladly, and silently."

From the time the clubs were opened until October 1st, 1917, 184,258 beds have been occupied, and 350,342 meals served. No man straight from the trenches is ever refused a hot dinner and a bed; though, owing to lack of accommodation, this often means that men who have been a few days at Grosvenor Gardens and Elizabeth Street have to be asked to go to one of the other clubs to make room for the newcomers. I was told recently by the Captain in charge at one of these clubs that 350 more beds were urgently needed, and no doubt as soon as this need is made known in Canada the means will be promptly provided for opening up another club.' At this one club in the week ending November 17th, 1917, 1,511 beds were occupied and 2,064 meals served. These figures are convincing proof that the undertaking has justified itself, but even more so are the remarks of the men and the letters written after they have left. They become attached often to the particular club where

'Since writing the above, a cable has been received from Sir William Hearst, K.C.M.G., Premier of Ontario, announcing a further contribution of £4,000 from the Ontario Government for the rental and full equipment of a large club near Victoria Station. This is great and good news. It wilt of course necessitate the raising of larger funds for current expenses, but we may trust in Canada to meet increasing needs as they arise.

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