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of the visitor to send in lists of the papers desired by the men. Not only are newspapers supplied to officers and men in hospital, but they are sent in bulk to convalescent homes, base depots, divisional headquarters in France, to the many clubs for Canadian soldiers, to prisoners of war in Switzerland, and to many men of the forestry and sanitation camps who otherwise might never see a home paper. A visitor writes to this department: "I often wish you could have the pleasure that falls to the good luck of the visitors of the hospital to give out to the Canadians the kit bags and newspapers and to see their smile and to receive their unstinted gratitude."

The department for Drives and Entertainments, carried on by Miss Shillington and Miss Perry, is greatly appreciated by both officers and men in the London district. The drives are so popular that, though some-times fourteen cars are at the service of this department, arrangements have often to be made a week in advance. A number of ladies not only give their cars for the use of the Red Cross but themselves act as chauffeurs. Drives are taken about the city, to Richmond, Epping Forest, Epsom, Taplow, or any of the other beautiful places in the neighbourhood of London, and picnics are often held. Invitations are continually being received for theatres, concerts, garden parties, teas, etc. One feels that the recreation given our men through this branch of the work is no small factor in the restoration of their health.

The services of this Bureau are now at the command not only of the men of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, but also of Canadians in the Royal Navy and of those attached to the R.F.C. As the Bureau has developed it has become a convincing proof of the value of a wide distribution of work and responsibility with close co-ordination under one head.

The work is exacting and the hours are long, but all are imbued with the spirit of service and with the deep desire to represent worthily the men and women of

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