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can do is to pray to God for His blessing and that He may give you the strength and courage you daily need in the great work you are engaged in."

From a wounded soldier:

"This is my second Blighty and I felt that I could not let a moment go till I wrote you to show you my gratitude and appreciation for your letters to my mother and for all the grand work that your Society is doing. I am only one of the thousands of our boys that have shared in the kindness and good work of the Canadian Red Cross."

Officers are not reported on automatically after they enter hospital, but files are kept, where their name, rank, casualty, and hospital are entered, and, should any be reported seriously or dangerously ill by the Record Office, a letter is written to the medical officer for a special report in readiness for enquiries. Lady Drummond writes a personal letter to every officer and nursing sister :n hospital, offering them the services of the Red Cross. If they wish to see a visitor, to get newspapers from home, or to have a drive, they have only to send word by letter or telephone to this office. The restrictions on the use of petrol make it difficult at present (November, 1917) to plan for drives in the many hospital centres outside London, but the matter is under consideration and can probably be arranged satisfactorily.

Arrangements are now being made to have Red Cross representatives go every week to the London hospitals for officers and nurses, in order that they may have a fuller opportunity of availing themselves of the advantages that the Red Cross offers. It has been possible, through the generosity of many kind friends of the Red Cross in Great Britain, to arrange for convalescent officers to spend their leave in charming country houses, thus enabling them to regain health and strength in the most delightful and congenial surroundings. Lord Milner has given his two beautiful houses in Kent for this purpose, and an attractive house in Staffordshire has

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