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is found in the files and his whole history, since his arrival in hospital, can be had in a few minutes. There are at present nearly a thousand visitors. They wear a distinctive badge, which Lady Drummond in a letter to the first visitors said would be "significant, not of the nationality of the wearer, but of her truly Imperial service on behalf of the Canadian Expeditionary Force."

Visitors are appointed from the Head Office, and, in localities where there are a number of hospitals, a chief visitor acts as convener. Each visitor is kept supplied with report forms and stamped envelopes, addressed to this office. She is also sent a paper with instructions as to her duties and giving information on many points that may be useful to the men. Her interest does not by any means end with reporting to this office on a man's condition of health. She tries to make him feel that, through the Canadian Red Cross, she represents as far as possible his friends at home. She pays him friendly visits, sees that he gets his home papers and any extra comforts he may wish. When the men are able to be out she often plans entertainments for them and invites them to her home. One visitor writes that she considers it a "great privilege" to be given the opportunity of thus bringing some comfort to those who have offered all in the time of the Empire's need. The many letters written by the men after leaving hospital and by the mothers and wives at home show that the visitors have not failed in their endeavour. The following are extracts from a few such letters :

". . . I was glad to hear from you and to know that he is so cheerful. I hope he keeps that way and would be glad to have you do all you can to keep him in that cheery spirit. I don't know how to thank you for being so kind to him, he so often spoke in his letters of his visitors and how kind and good they are to our boys."

". . . I hope you will understand how I, his mother, appreciate anything you do for him. To know he has one so kind as you near him consoles and helps me."

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