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appropriate to an integral part of the fighting forces of the country.

Hitherto we have dealt with the achievements of the organizations auxiliary to the societies which actually administered Canada's voluntary gifts and carried them to the desired recipients. Before dealing with the work of these societies, we must record the results of certain important appeals for assistance.

The first united voluntary offering of Canada after the declaration of war was the collection made by the women of Canada for a Hospital Ship as a gift to the Imperial authorities. Initiated by a member of the Daughters of the Empire, it was organized by a committee of representatives of all the great women's societies in Canada and raised the splendid total of $283,107.39. At the wish of the Admiralty and the War Office, the form of the gift was changed; and $100,000 furnished a fleet of forty motor-ambulances, each carrying the legend, "Canadian Women's Ambulance," placed at the disposal of the War Office; while the remainder was devoted, at the suggestion of the Admiralty, to the building of additional blocks in the Naval Hospitals at Chatham and Haslar. These buildings stand as permanent memorials of the spontaneous loyalty of the women of Canada, a gift described by Surgeon-General Sir Arthur May as "one that will tell our children's children of the help given by Canadian men and women to the old country in her day of need." Each block bears the following inscription: "This gift is the expression of our love and loyalty to our King and Empire and of our undying gratitude to the brave men who are fighting for the vindication of our honour among the nations, for the advancement of civilization, for the freedom of our Empire, and for the safety of our homes."

But the heart of Canada was wide enough and her purse deep enough to permit of her supporting other projects than those organized within the Dominion or

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