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account seperate from this out. We have made our most money for the Red Cross by having a big sale of materials in the Town Hall that we got free for war purposes 8 ladies are apointed 2 north 2 south 2 east 2 west we canvas everybody some gives money we take everything we can get from peserves to turnips potatoes chickens dead or alive we never refuse anything Then we have our sail once a year and sell it off."

The Institute referred to had raised some $900 in three years and made over five thousand garments.

An Institute in a small Ontario town reports a total amount of nearly $5,000 raised for war purposes, $650 in hand and over ten thousand garments made, including 2,784 pairs of socks. The strictly audited account sheet and orderly catalogue of supplies, all accurately typed, would not have disgraced the annual report of a large business firm.

The children of Canada were not behind their elders In their desire to do their bit in the war. Every community-wide effort found in the schools, public, separate, and private, a ready and enthusiastic response. No "whirlwind campaign" was complete without the offerings of the children and the touch of the picturesque which they added to the mdse en scene of the campaign.

Trained and led by their teachers, who cheerfully sacrificed leisure and savings to promote their pupils' projects, the children developed not only a new standard of giving but also a new sense of the importance of their share in the well-being of the nation. They learned geography as they followed the movements of the various fleets and armies, and they learned co-operation and self-sacrifice and perseverance in their efforts to minister to their needs. Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in their smart uniforms put their motto into practice and were "prepared" to carry out any patriotic duty assigned to them; while the Cadets bore themselves with the air

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