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opportunity was promptly embraced. The various chapters were free to engage in any kind of war work that commended itself to the judgment of the members; and in the first three years of the war over $2,000,000 in cash was registered at the Head Office as raised for various phases of war work. So remarkable was the total sum contributed that we append a statement of the amount raised in one period of twelve months as reported to the Head Office of the I.O.D.E.t

Remarkable as were the results achieved by the I.O.D.E., those of the women of the rural communities were not less noteworthy. It was, indeed, only through the war that the nation came to realize the vast store of energy, ability, and experience to be found among both the men and women of the farms and townships. They not only proved their patriotism by their gifts, but they evinced a capacity for leadership which was not recognized in pre-war days. Especially was this true of the women. Many whose childhood had been spent in homes where family needs were too urgent for a handy girl to be spared from home to complete her education, proved to be efficient officers in the Institute or Home-Makers' League. An examination of the reports of some Ontario Institutes shows letter after letter describing work well planned and carried through to success. Some of these letters are far from orthodox in spelling and punctuation, but the work described was efficient enough. Here is a specimen of such a report. It comes from a very poor and sparsely-settled district:

"This statement is not just as correct to the cent as it should be but this being a small place and we took the work up in an Institute book and never expecting the war to last so long but we shall endevour to keep a strict

'The Imperial Order of Daughters of the Empire in the provinces of Canada raised for War Work, April, 1916, to April, 1917: Alberta, $50,533.43; British Columbia, 855,962.00; Manitoba, $87,000.00; Nova Scotia, $13,053.00; New Brunswick, $35,000.00; Ontario, $345,611.00; Prince Edward Island, $1,671.00; Quebec, $82,000.00; Saskatchewan, $65,250.00; Yukon Territory, $16,521.00; Total $752,601.43,

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