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sion of the goodwill of the people at home towards the men in the forces. Their recorded expenditure on war work in three years amounted to nearly one million and a half dollars, with one hundred branches overseas; one hundred and five secretaries and seven hundred subordinate personnel detailed from the ranks were employed on war service, at home and abroad.'

The employment of large numbers of young women in munition factories or on farms opened a sphere of war work to the Young Women's Christian Association also. The provision of lodging houses, canteens, and clubs for young women was not less important than that of providing proper recreation for the troops, and once more a new army of volunteers was called out to supply the need. The provision of Hostess Houses in military camps, under the sign of the Blue Triangle, afforded a homelike place of meeting, under the auspices of the Y.W.C.A. for the soldiers' women relatives and friends.

We cannot leave the work done by women's organizations without a word of recognition of the part played by the two most widely represented throughout the country—the Imperial Order of Daughters of the Empire and the variously named Provincial Leagues, Clubs, and Institutes of the farm women. It would not be very far from the truth if we regarded the one as representing the women of the towns and the other as the expression of the work and ideas of the women of the country, though we are aware that the distinction should not be pressed too far.

The Imperial Order of Daughters of the Empire, with their highly centralized organization, is peculiarly fitted to concentrate upon a given piece of work, and the object of the Order ordains that such work should be patriotic and imperial in nature. The war provided a magnificent field of action for such an Order, and the

'A notable development of Y.M.C.A. work was the effort to educate the men while in the Army; both the military authorities and the universities co-operating in the scheme which was inaugurated and financed by the Canadian National Council of the Y.M.C.A.

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