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buted, but as the funds are not centralized and in some cases are only in the initial stages of organization, it is difficult to obtain the exact total. From the larger cities and from provincial grants alone the total was $199,160.43 to about the end of 1916, but this leaves considerable sums unaccounted for.

Several funds were organized throughout the Dominion by banks, newspapers, etc., for the purpose of sending tobacco and similar articles to the men at the Front. Some of these forwarded their supplies through associations already mentioned, and their contributions are included in such associations' returns. Others, however, got into touch with the men direct. Some of the latter collected considerable amounts, such as La Presse, Montreal, which received total contributions of $4,706.95, the Toronto News, $4,358.58, and the Telegram of Winnipeg, $5,000.

There remain considerable sums donated by public authorities to funds other than those that have been mentioned. No complete record of these contributions is now obtainable, but it should be recorded that in the case of Ontario, the investigation of the Ontario Department of Agriculture shows that they amounted to no less than $1,205,344. This accordingly has been set down in the table as a contribution by Ontario Municipalities to miscellaneous funds other than those of which specific mention is made. Other provincial grants for relief purposes not hereinbefore included amount to over $500,000. In addition, grants to various recruiting committees amounting to $5,750 are specified in the table, and the Provincial Governments of Manitoba and Ontario have continued salary payments to men on active service to the extent of $263,150.84.


Only the main heads under which the patriotic givings of Canada have been poured out are noted in the preceding. Further research would doubtless reveal additional features of equal interest. But that the movement has

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