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The opening months of the war, during which the training and equipment of the expeditionary forces were in progress in Canada, naturally unloosed a flood of giving having for object the better arming of the men or the improvement of their general condition. The record of these benefactions which has been assembled herewith, and which shows a total close upon two millions, is but partial, including only such gifts as were specifically reported to the Militia Department. It includes the results of the campaign for the purchase of machine guns, but it omits, owing to inability to obtain details, various donations on account of military bands, field batteries, ambulances, field kitchens, and general contributions to individual regiments or battalions. The aggregate of such contributions is doubtless considerable. The total, however, that has been assembled includes such splendid gifts as those of Mr. J. K. L. Ross, of Montreal, ($500,000) and Hiram Walker & Sons, Walkerville ($25,000) on account of General Expenses, the donation of Mr. Hamilton Gault of $100,000 for the equipment of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, and Lady Strathcona's donation of $50,000 towards the maintenance of Strathcona's Horse.

Of the same class as the preceding are the funds which represent an effort to provide comforts in a comprehensive way for the soldiers in the field. The Canadian Field Comforts Commission, under Miss Mary Plummer, Senior Officer, was one of the most successful of these. Headquarters were situated at Moore Barracks, Shorncliffe, Eng., so as to enable the work to be efficiently

handled.   Up to March, 1916, 348,126 packages

were donated to the Commission from Canada, including such items as socks, mufflers, handkerchiefs, etc. In addition, contributions of money were received to the amount of $14,775.?1, nearly half from Ontario.

Another important body of the kind was the Canadian War Contingent Association, Sir George H. Perley, President, one branch of which has undertaken to dis-

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