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The splendid work of the Scottish Women's Hospital for Foreign Service, notably in Serbia and with the Allies in Macedonia, evoked deep interest in Canada, especially after the visit of Miss Kathleen Burke, official delegate of the Fund to the United States and Canada. Altogether the sum of $63,726.11 was raised, over one-half in Toronto alone, though Montreal, Hamilton, Ottawa, St. John, and Halifax made generous responses. In addition to four hospitals in Serbia and one on the Salonica front, the service maintains a Serbian refugee camp in Corsica.

Luton House was established early in the war for the use of convalescent Canadian soldiers and was maintained largely through Canadian subscriptions. The Hospital was later moved to Lympne Castle near Hythe, Kent. Subscriptions to the amount of $8,073.88 passed through the hands of the Canadian trustees for this fund from Canadian sources alone. In addition, $2,250 were received from the United States, and other contributions sent direct to the Commandant, Mrs. S. H. Fleming of Ottawa.

Clarence House, Roehampton, under Miss Winnifred Lewis, for Canadian Convalescent soldiers, receives a Government grant of $30 a day per patient. This, however, has proved inadequate for all the expenses of up-keep, and approximately $20,000 has been raised by subscription (chiefly in Ottawa) to enable the institution to carry on.

Other hospital enterprises included the Duchess of Connaught's Hospital at Cliveden, which received direct contributions of over $4,400 from Canada, but was later merged in Red Cross activities. L'Hopital des Paroisses Canadiennes a Paris was in operation from October, 1914, to September, 1915, on funds collected largely by La Presse of Montreal from municipalities and public bodies in the Province of Quebec. The total received was in the neighbourhood of $50,000. The hospital has since been taken over by the Scottish Branch of the

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