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The British Red Cross Society has likewise received generous support in Canada. The lieutenant-governors of the provinces became its sponsors early in the war, and at least two general appeals were made to the people, namely, the Trafalgar Day, 1915 and 1916, messages of Lord Lansdowne, President of the Society in Great Britain. The total amount secured was $3,713,302.75. This is not inclusive of private donations to the fund subsequent to Trafalgar Day, 1916, in the provinces of Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia, of which no account has yet been published.


Akin to the appeal of the Red Cross has been that of various hospitals organized under Canadian auspices. The donations to these aggregated at least two millions, three-fourths coming from the Province of Ontario.

The largest single donation on the list is that for the Ontario Military Hospital at Orpington, which received altogether $1,173,718.07 for equipment and maintenance. A similar establishment at Cobourg received $24,820.75. The "Women's Hospital Ship" was among the most popular and generously supported of these funds.

Scarcely less generous was the response to the Toronto University Hospital Fund ($135,355) and the Queen's University Hospital Fund ($23,000) raised among alumni of these universities, both of which were represented so well among the officers and men on the firing line.

The Seamen's Hospital of Greenwich has received Canadian contributions to the amount of $38,472.51, of which $5,000 was subscribed by citizens of the City of Halifax; $7,000 by citizens of Ottawa; and $5,000 by the Dominion Government. The sum of $1,015 was sub-scribed in the Province of Quebec, but the balance, except for a few small sums, came from Ontario. The Fund was closed in July, 1916, when the above total was forwarded to Lord Devonport, chairman of the parent fund in England.

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