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Dr. Michael Clark (Red Deer) : "I shall support the Government's measure; support it with a clear conscience and a stout heart, believing that it is absolutely in the best interests of the country, of the Empire, of the world, of the cause of civilization for which we are fighting."

Frank B. Carvell (Carleton, N.B.) : "When a man in his [the Prime Minister's] position takes that view I have not the nerve to say that he is wrong and I am right. I put the burden on him and I am willing to stand by him as far as it is possible for me to do in order that he may get all the men he wants."

On many occasions the debate was bitter in tone, particularly when biting references were made to Quebec's recruiting record. The Quebec members were not back-ward in defending their province, and many pages of Hansard are taken up with these defences and their arguments against the Bill. From the very first there was no doubt about how the vote would go, the only question being the size of the majority. The vote on the second reading came about four o'clock on the morning of July 6th. The amendment of Mr. Barrette, Nationalist, asking for a six months' hoist found only nine supporters, all Nationalists. Against this were piled 165 votes. The vote on the Laurier amendment asking for the referendum was 62 to 111, a majority of 49 for the Government. Liberals who voted against the proposal of their leader on this occasion were: Maclean (Halifax), McCraney, Buchanan, Carvell, Champagne, Charlton, Clark (Red Deer), Douglas, Graham, Guthrie, MacNutt, Nesbitt, Neely, Pardee, Ross, Turriff, McLean (Sudbury), Cruise, Loggie,—nineteen in all.

On the second reading the Government further increased its majority, the vote being 118 to 55, a majority of 63.

The third reading was not reached till July 24th, when the vote was 102 to 44, a Government majority of 58.

The Senate dealt with the Bill more briefly, though some unusually animated scenes attended its discussion in the Upper House. For a while the Government's

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