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Now the recruiting position on April 10th, 1915, showed that the following forces were under arms:

Overseas, 1st Contingent and Reinforcements   35,420

In Bermuda, Royal Canadian Regiment   982

In St. Lucia, Detachments for Garrison   100

In Canada, and on seas, 2nd Contingent   22,272

Reserve Infantry and C.M. Rifles    27,079
Recruited and organized for overseas service

but not yet mobilized   3,500

Total overseas forces abroad and at home    89,353
In addition in Canada units of active militia in

active service and outpost duty   9,777

Permanent Force   2,430

Grand total   101,560

During the winter of 1915-1916 recruiting was carried on under the billeting system. Any small centre big enough to raise twenty-five men or more retained them throughout the winter, a special allowance being made for the support of the men. The idea was that the recruits should spend some months among their own friends and relations, and that during that time the latter should have some opportunity of observing the rudiments of military training and its effects at first hand. The system was quite successful so far as it went.

During eight months of 1916, 153,913 men enlisted. The total number of recruits per month is as follows: Total number of recruits for

January, 1916   29,212

February, 1916   26,658

March, 1916   32,705

April, 1916   23,289

May, 1916   15,090

June, 1916   10,770

July, 1916   8,522

August, 1916   7,267


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