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that our work, in the main, has consisted in the promotion of a public patriotic spirit, rather than in the actual gathering in of recruits. In consequence we cannot define in actual figures the results of our efforts. They are in some measure at least represented by the fine regiments from this Division already overseas, or in course of enrolment. Recognition of the fact that the chief recruiting efforts must be made by the men who are themselves going overseas led to the contribution by this Association to regimental funds of no less a sum than $10,705. By this means the work of the officers and men in recruiting was much facilitated."

From Nova Scotia came a report by Mr. George S. Campbell, President of the Nova Scotia Recruiting Association. He divided the movement into three stages:

"First: When war broke out a certain number of men at once. volunteered their services. These were partly men who had taken an active interest in the Militia, and therefore felt that they should be the first to answer the call to arms; partly young men who had no special ties or responsibilities, and who enlisted from a spirit of patriotism or sheer adventure; and partly men who happened to be out of work, and were glad to find employment in fighting for their country. These men did not require to be urged to enlist by any recruiting agency, and so without any special effort on the part of the military or civil authorities, Nova Scotia supplied her quota of men during the first year of the war.

"Second: As the war went into the second year, the great task confronting the Empire became more apparent, and the Government of Canada called for more men. The response to this second appeal was not so spontaneous as was hoped for and for a time recruiting lagged in Nova Scotia. This condition of affairs created some concern amongst a number of the citizens of Halifax. . . . Investigations revealed the fact that there was no adequate machinery for bringing before the young men of the Province our vital interest in the war, the urgent

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