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came the removal to Shorncliffe, and the arrival there of the Second and subsequent Contingents, and Brigadier-General MacDougall assumed command of the Canadian forces encamped there for training. His status, how-ever, was merely that of Camp Commandant, as Shorncliffe is a British Military District, under command of a British general. Later on a Canadian, Major-General Steele, was appointed by the War Office to the command of the whole military district and Brigadier-General MacDougall became officially "General Officer Commanding Canadians in training." This left at Shorncliffe a "Staff of the Shorncliffe Imperial Command" (including the Canadian troops) under Major-General Steele with a number of Imperial officers. Subsidiary to this was the staff of Brigadier-General MacDougall, including chiefs of various administrative services and departments, Medical, Veterinary, Pay, Ordnance, etc.

It was also found necessary to establish a central Headquarters on a very extensive scale in London with Major-General Carson, C.B., at its head, as "Special Representative and Agent in the British Isles and at the seat of war, for the Minister of Militia and the Department of Militia and Defence in Canada." Under him were the following administrative heads, appointed from time to time as the need for their services arose:

  1. Director of Medical Services.

  2. Director of Pay and Record Services, having under him two chief officers: (a) officer in charge of Records and (b) Chief Paymaster.

  3. Director of Recruiting and Organization.

  4. Director of Veterinary Services.

  5. Director of Supply and Transport.

  6. Chief Ordnance Officer.

  7. Director of Chaplain Services.

  8. President of Claims and Pensions Board.

To General Carson and his staff the Headquarters in France reported direct, as did the Canadian Department of Militia and Defence.

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