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proper proportion of Line of Communication units. The grand total of units necessary to complete amounted to 15,272 men, 4,765 horses, 58 guns, and 16 machine guns. The total of the First and Second Contingents was over 45,000, not counting reinforcements necessary to maintain its numbers and efficiency upon commencement of participation in active operations. Reinforcements were calculated at a yearly rate of seventy-five per cent. of the total forces engaged.

Early in November, 1914, the War Office cabled that after three months of experience it had been shown that reinforcements should be provided on the basis of twenty-five per cent. per month. This meant that the First Contingent would require from 3,000 to 4,000 men per month; when the Second Division joined it the number would be raised to between 6,000 and 8,000 men per month besides 300 per month for the Princess Patricia's

Canadian Light Infantry.   Hence the forces would con-

sist of:

Forces   already   despatched,   including   regi-

ment garrisoning Bermuda    


Forces on garrison and outpost duty   


Forces training in Canada    



As soon as the Second Contingent went forward, 17,000 more men were to be enlisted, making a total of 108,000 men, and this process was to be repeated as occasion demanded.

The Second Contingent was ready to start for England —so far as Canada was concerned—by the end of January, 1915, but the necessity for providing proper transportation and training quarters on the other side obliged the Home authorities to take it over in instalments, and it was the end of April before the force was safely across. The total overseas forces then amounted to 89,333, making, with the units of active militia in active service, on garrison and outpost duty in Canada,

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