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for the prohibition of the export of warlike stores required for our own defences or intended for the use of the enemy; for the censorship of cable and wireless messages, and for the closing of certain wireless stations, and the proper guarding and supervision of the others; for the preparation of ciphers and secret codes; for the transportation of troops by land and sea; for the buoying of certain channels, and for the removal, possibly, of buoys and marks from certain others; for the examination of ships entering and leaving port; for the prevention of espionage in or about ports, arsenals, dockyards, depots, and other points of military importance; for the preparation in advance of all the necessary Orders-in-Council and regulations, for special instructions to some hundreds of officers; for the preparation and transmission of sealed orders (to be opened only in case of war) to a very large number of important officials; and generally for the co-ordination of the activities of the various departments so as to prevent, so far as possible, overlapping and confusion.

The Conference included the following members: the Under-Secretary of State for External Affairs; the Military Secretary to the Governor-General; the Deputy Minister of Militia and Defence; the Deputy Minister of the Naval Service; the Deputy Minister of Justice; the Commissioner of Customs; the Deputy Minister of Marine and Fisheries; the Deputy Postmaster-General; and the Deputy Minister of Railways and Canals,—with the Director of Military Operations and the Director of Gunnery as joint Secretaries.

Each department was required to prepare a scheme of development adapted to its own peculiar conditions, and these schemes were subsequently co-ordinated and incorporated into the War-Book which was practically completed in July, a week or two before war was declared.

Orders for the adoption of the precautionary scheme were issued on July 9th, 1914. Parties were warned for the detention of shipping; others for the protection

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