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timber cutters seized a Maine official in the disputed territory and carried him off to Fredericton. The Maine people promptly retaliated by arresting a New Brunswick warden and taking him prisoner to Bangor.

The Governor of Maine got authority from the Legislature to order out 8,000 militia, and a vote of $800,000 was passed. He had already sent 200 men to the Aroostook, and now sent 600 more. Harvey ordered the 11th Regiment and a corps of artillery to Madawaska, and 850 of the militia to Woodstock. The Legislature was ready to co-operate with him in taking all necessary steps to protect the province, and Nova Scotia promptly showed its sympathy by authorizing the Lieutenant-Governor to call out 8,000 of the militia, and voting £100,000 to assist in the defence of New Brunswick.

Fortunately, when the situation had reached this critical stage, the Government of the United States decided to restrain the enthusiasm of the Governor of Maine. General Winfield Scott was sent to take command of the troops of the State, and instructed to adopt a conciliatory attitude. He immediately got into communication with Harvey, and offered to withdraw all the military forces of the State from the disputed territory, leaving only a civil guard to maintain order. Harvey agreed to this, and the Aroostook War evaporated. A certain amount of irritation was indeed kept alive for a time, mainly because of the persistently unfriendly attitude of the Governor of Maine, but it fortunately did not get beyond words. The ground of the controversy was finally removed in 1842 by the Ashburton Treaty, which settled the boundary between New Brunswick and Maine.

The militia of British North America was not again called out for active service until 1865, when the American branch of the Fenian Brotherhood planned an invasion of Canada to revenge the failure of the rising in Ireland of that year. General Sweeny, who had been elected Secretary of War of the "Irish Republic," prepared an elaborate plan of campaign involving simultaneous expeditions

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