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were organized, and within twenty-four hours militia-men were pouring into the city from the surrounding districts.

Bonnycastle, who was stationed at Kingston in 1837, gives a most interesting account of the organization of the defences of Kingston, and is warm in his praises of the loyalty, zeal, and efficiency of the militia. As at Toronto, so many corps marched into Kingston anxious to take a share in its defence that accommodation could not be found for them all, and a number of regiments were sent back to their homes, on the understanding that they would be called out if they were needed.

In addition to garrisoning the fort and batteries, arrangements were made to patrol the lake front of Kingston as well as all the landward approaches. The Queen's Marine Artillery, who guarded the approaches to the lake front, built a snow breastwork on the ice connecting Point Frederick Battery with Mississagua Point Battery. This was picketted each night, with the thermometer anywhere down to 27° below zero. The Frontenac Light Dragoons, a smart and efficient troop, did outpost duty around the town at night, and took over a portion of the line of despatch between Montreal and Toronto.

It is not without interest to know what uniforms the Canadian militia wore in 1837. According to Bonny-castle, the infantry at Kingston, that is, the Frontenac and Addington regiments, were clothed by the Government in a red flannel shirt, gray trousers, light gray great-coat, woollen gloves without fingers, strong boots with iron creepers, and fur caps. Presumably the Leeds and Lanark militia were equipped with the same uniform. The Frontenac Light Dragoons wore a blue uniform faced with buff, and a bearskin helmet, provided by themselves. The Queen's Marine Artillery had blue pilot-cloth frocks reaching to the knees, blue trousers, and large fur caps. The non-commissioned officers were distinguished by white anchors on the arm. They are described as a "fine and most formidable body of men." With such

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