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peaceful Indian village of Moravian Town, retreated with his prisoners and plunder to Detroit.

In the meantime, the Americans had set themselves with great zeal to the perfecting of their plans for capturing Montreal. At Sackett's Harbour, General Wilkinson concentrated an army of 10,000 men, which was to descend upon Montreal, via the St. Lawrence, while General Hampton was given command of a force mobilized on Lake Champlain at Burlington and Plattsburg, amounting to 5,000 regular troops aria some 6,000 militia. To oppose this force of an aggreggate strength of 21,000 men, Sir George Prevost had under his command some 5,000 regular soldiers, 2,000 of whom were in Upper Canada, and some 6,000 or 7,000 militia.

It was originally intended that General Wilkinson should cross Lake Ontario, and seize Kingston and Fort Wellington, before making his descent upon Montreal. Hampton was to concentrate his complete force at Plattsburg, and proceed overland to the shores of Lake St. Louis, and thence cross to the island of Montreal. Isle Perrot, at the mouth of the Ottawa river, near the head of the island of Montreal, was to be seized, fortified, and used as an advance base.

On September 29th, General Hampton, having effected the mobilization of his forces at Plattsburg, despatched a selected body of troops across the Canadian frontier to surprise the outlying picket at Odelltown. Colonel de Salaberry, who commanded the outposts along the Lower Canada frontier, had obstructed the various roads and pathways through the bush with abattis, and while the United States column was endeavouring to make its way over this difficult route, they were set upon by a party of militia light infantry, and a few Indians, who were reinforced by the flank companies of the 4th Battalion of embodied militia, and also by the Canadian voltigeurs, under command or de Salaberry himself. As a result the enemy advance guard was driven back, and Hampton abandoned his idea of attempting to proceed by way of

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