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Niagara along the United States side, destroying over 300 buildings on the route.

At the conclusion of the campaign of 1813, the force at Newark included the 1st, the 8th, the 41st, 49th, 89th and 100th regiments of the line; the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th regiments of Lincoln militia; 19th Light Dragoons, Provincial Dragoons and Artillery, and Indians from the various reserves in both Upper and Lower Canada, the Lower-Canadian Indians under the command of French-Canadian officers.

During the winter, a new fort (Mississauga) was built upon Mississauga Point, near the mouth of the Niagara river, which, with Fort George and Fort Niagara in British hands, placed the Niagara peninsula in a practically impregnable position, so far as Lake Ontario was concerned.

After the fall of Detroit there was a lull of some months in the warfare in the Michigan and Ohio districts. In January, 1813, General Winchester was in command of a wing of the United States army on the Upper Miami, while Harrison had assembled another force on the Sandusky. It was the intention to unite these forces on the Miami Rapids, and from this point, when adequate preparations had been made, to march against Amherstburg and Detroit, and endeavour to recover the ground lost by Hull. Winchester moved first with a force of between 1,200 and 1,500 men and when Colonel Procter, at Amherstburg, learned of Winchester's presence at the Miami Rapids, he sent Major Reynolds of the Essex militia with a force of fifty white soldiers and 200 Indians to Frenchtown on the south bank of the river Raisin to watch the enemy. Hearing of this, Winchester at once despatched Colonel Lewis with a force of 550 men to seize Frenchtown, while an additional body of 110 men under Colonel Allen was sent to reinforce him. These 660 men were "the flower of Kentucky." On January 18th, they reached the river Raisin where Reynolds had selected a strong position behind a picketed enclosure, among the houses on the southern bank. At 3 p.m. the fight began. Reynolds

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