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guns, the advance was made in extended order with wide intervals between the men. The flank company of the Glengarry Fencibles, seventy of the militia, and one gun were on the right; 120 men of the 8th Regiment, forty of the Newfoundland Regiment, 200 militia, and two guns on the left. Captain Jenkins led off with the right column, whose objective was the fort on the west bank of the Oswegatchie. While the enemy were thus occupied, Macdonell with the main column was to storm the village on the east bank.

The troops fearlessly advanced across the frozen river. For miles on their left and right and for a mile and a half in their front extended a broad, level, shining sheet of ice and snow. In the full light of that February morning they presented an easy target for the guns of Ogdensburg, and, as soon as the march began, artillery fire was opened upon the extended line. In brief time they were within musket distance, and now the shrill crackling of small arms joined with the bass of the opposing cannon. Nearing the United States shore, they were confronted with a new danger. Deep snow made their advance more difficult, but there was no thought of retreat.

The troops under Captain Jenkins were the first to approach the enemy's position. They aimed at taking the fort by assault; and despite the fire of the cannon, the sharp musketry fire, and the deep snow they courageously dashed forward. The bullets of the besieged found many a victim. Jenkins was one of the first to be struck. His left arm was shattered by a musket ball, but he continued bravely to lead his men. A moment later a case shot disabled his right arm. Even this did not end his efforts. He still heroically led the advance, urging on his men until he fell headlong in the snow, faint from loss of blood. Lieutenant McAuley took his place, and the at-tack continued. It was in vain; the deep snow and the heavy fire from a numerically superior body at this point, forced the right wing to withdraw for the time being.

All had gone well with Macdonell's division until the

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