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THE WAR OF 1812   135

Provincial Marine, the officers of that force who cared to remain being generally assigned to such ratings as sailing-master, pilot, etc. Several, however, who had distinguished themselves or had had previous naval experience, were kept on duty as lieutenants.

The United States plan of campaign for 1813 was very similar to that of 1812. A force under General Wade Hampton was to mobilize in the Lake Champlain district and move against Montreal; another under General Dear-born was to co-operate from Sackett's Harbour with a force to be raised in Buffalo in an attack on York, Fort George, Fort Erie, and Kingston, uniting afterwards with that of General Hampton in the attempt to capture Montreal; a third under General William Henry Harrison, mobilized at Sandusky on Lake Erie, was to re-occupy that part of Michigan captured by the British in 1812, and to endeavour to capture Amherstburg on the Canadian side.

In 1813, the British again assumed the offensive unexpectedly with a very gallant exploit which resulted in the capture of the American post of Ogdensburg. During the winter, 500 of the enemy had been stationed at Ogdensburg under Major Benjamin Forsyth, and nocturnal raids had been made on unprotected villages such as Elizabethtown (Brockville) and Gananoque. To put a stop to these proceedings, and to facilitate the passage of stores up the river from Montreal, 210 regulars and 270 militia were despatched, under Major George Macdonell of the Glengarry Light Infantry (fencibles), from Fort Wellington (Prescott) against Ogdensburg. Crossing the St. Lawrence on the ice on February 22nd, 1813, the troops advanced in two columns through the deep snow.

Their task was not an easy one. The garrison was stationed on the high bank of the St. Lawrence on either side of the Oswegatchie, and the place was protected by strong batteries on both banks. Forsyth had under his command 500 men, seasoned by several months of discipline and raids. To minimize the effect of the enemy's

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