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immediately deserted. Amherst, however, bluntly in-formed the Indians, that, while he wished to retain their friendship, he would assuredly punish them severely if they should commit any cruelties when returning to their villages—a threat which had due effect.

While running the rapids of the St. Lawrence, sixty-four boats were dashed to pieces against the rocks, eighty-eight men perished, and some artillery and stores were lost. On September 6th, Amherst landed at Lachine on the island of Montreal, with the advance division of his army. Ten pieces of artillery were at once taken ashore, and the army moved rapidly towards the northwest side of Montreal. There was no attempt by the French to impede the advance of the column; and, when Amherst reached the settled part of the island, numbers of the inhabitants flocked to his camp to tender their submission, and to take the oath of neutrality.

The troops under Colonel Haviland had been assembled at Crown Point in July, and were transported in August to the vicinity of Isle-aux-Noix, where there was a French fort. Haviland, who had with him a force of some 3,000 men, regulars and provincials, proceeded to establish batteries on the right bank of the Richelieu river, within striking distance of the fort, but, on August 27th, before the batteries could open fire, the post was evacuated, and Haviland moved on to St. Johns. Here a further delay occurred, but again the French commander with-drew without waiting to be attacked. The advance was continued to Fort Chambly, which also yielded with-out any resistance. From this point Haviland struck across the country direct to the St. Lawrence, reaching Longueuil, on the opposite side of the river from Montreal, on the 5th of September.

General Murray embarked from Quebec early in July with 2,450 men. Accompanied by the sloops Diana and Porcupine, the flotilla bearing the troops passed Deschambault on July 15th, being fired upon while passing that point. The expedition was delayed on several occasions

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