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Route of Champlain, 1615-1616 .

Canada and Adjacent Countries in the 17th Century New France and the British Colonies, 1750-1760 Wolfe's Quebec Campaign of 1759

British Dominions in North America . Operations on the Niagara Frontier, 1812-1814 Operations on the Detroit Frontier, 1812-1813 . Battle of Lundy's Lane .

The Country Adjacent to Montreal, 1837 Operations in the North-West, 1885

Canadians at Paardeberg, 1st Engagement, 18th February, 1900 From Appendix to Col. Otter's Report. The Canadians on Majuba Day

From Appendix to Col. Otter's Report.

Line of March followed by the R.C.D., South Africa, 1900


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