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  1. Any person convicted of an offence against Section 3 of this Act shall be liable to a fine not exceeding $100.00 nor less than $50.00, and in default of payment of said fine to a penalty not exceeding six nor less than two months.

  2. Any person may kill any dog which he finds lurking about any enclosure in which are kept foxes or other fur-bearing animals for bleeding purposes, and annoying or terrifying said animals, or any dog giving tongue and ten ifying the animals so kept enclosed, or any dog which he finds straying of being upon his of her property on which are kept enclosures of foxes or other fur-beating animals of which he or she is the caretaker; provided, however, that no dog so straying, lurking or being on the premises above herein referred to, when muzzled or accompanied by the owner of person having charge or care of such dog, shall be so killed unless there is reason-able fear of apprehension that such dog, if not killed, is likely to annoy or terrify the said animals within the said enclosures.

  3. ✓ The pt ovisions of Chapter 123 of the Consolidated Statutes of New Brunswick, 1903, relating to Summary Convictions, shall so fat as applicable and not inconsistent herewith, apply to all prosecutions and proceedings under this Act.





WHEREAS certain persons in the Province of Quebec have engaged WHEREAS the business of raising or breeding foxes and other fur-bearing animals kept in captivity;

Whereas it is desirable to encourage this industry, as well because of the diminishing supply of our most valuable furs, as of the rich source of profit which this industry has proved itself to be in some of the sister provinces;

Whereas it is essential to the successful breeding of these animals in captivity that they should be protected from disturbance by strangers, or persons other than the owner or keeper of the said animals;

Therefore, His Majesty, with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly of Quebec, enacts as follows :

1. Every one is guilty of an offence and liable to the penalty hereinafter provided who at any time hereafter, in any part of the Province, without the consent of the owner or caretaker of a ranch or enclosure where foxes or other fur-bearing animals are kept in captivity for breed-

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