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ful and durable, could not be sold as skunk, but, as `black marten', and `Alaska sable', it is in high favour and likely to remain in the class of the medium and higher priced furs. It is worth remarking that, since the prejudice against the muskrat, skunk and other cheap furs has been overcome, they can be sold under their real names. Muskrat backs are now sold as `rat' fur at as high figures as the dyed product.

The pressure of increasing demand has brought into Imitations and   common use the fur of animals with harsh brittle   hair

Misnaming of any colour, which is sold under names which mislead the public. Thus, the pelts of animals from the warmer zones such as Chinese goat, Thibet lamb, Manchurian dog, hamster, marmot, Tartar pony, opossum, raccoon, weasel, jackal fox, monkey, antelope, otter and many others are now worked up by dressers and dyers into very respectable-looking furs. They are inferior, however, to the furs from colder climates in suppleness of leather, closeness of underwool, fullness of overhair and silkiness of hair and, because they are dyed, they are less durable and less popular.

The misnaming of furs has caused the London Chamber Misnaming and of Commerce to give notice that misleading terms are Deceptions   not to be used and that offenders are liable to prosecu-

tion under the Merchandise Marks Act, 1887. Even in the early days when misnaming was in its infancy, the manufactured furs were frequently misnamed as follows:


Muskrat or musquash, pulled and dyed    Seal

Nutria, pulled and dyed    Seal

Nutria, pulled and natural    Beaver

Rabbit, sheared and dyed    Seal

Otter, pulled and dyed    Seal

Marmot, dyed    Mink or sable

Fitch, dyed   Sable

Rabbit, dyed    Sable or French sable

Hare, dyed    Sable, fox or lynx

Muskrat, dyed    Mink or sable

Wallaby, dyed    Skunk

White rabbit    Ermine

White rabbit, dyed    Chinchilla

White hare, dyed or natural    Fox, foxaline

Goat, dyed    Bear or leopard


But, if laws were necessary twenty-five years ago to protect the public from frauds, what must be the necessity at the present time. when two hares brought up by the same mother may pose on the same counter, as `white fox' and `black lynx,' respectively?

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