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Vancouver, timber regulations for district of    260

Vancouver Copper Co.'s railway    14

Vancouver Island, climatic condition of    103

eastern coast of, referred to    213

merchantable forests of    105

soil conditions of    105

Vandine, Mr., opinion on cost of brush disposal    136

Van Sickle settlement, referred to    172

Variation in rate of growth, studies of, required    230

Varieties of trees on area investigated in British Columbia    216

Various methods of disposing of slash    254

Velocipede vs. power speeder patrols    35

Vernon district, burning of debris to protect equipment    123

conditions in    123

details of cost of burning of debris    125

highly inflammable nature of watershed    123

methods adopted in burning debris    124

Victoria and Sidney railway    12, 20

Victoria, B.C., referred to    86

Victoria Terminal Railway and Ferry Co    12

Vigorous production of Douglas fir in British Columbia    219

WABASH railway    12, 13
Washington, Board of Forest Commissioners of State, regulations of,

referred to,   161

coast regions of, referred to    103

effect of brush disposal on reproduction    161

forest conditions of    161

slash burning, co-operation of organizations in    162

State Forest Fire Service, referred to    160

state of, referred to    225

United States Forest Service, work of, in    160

Washington Forest Fire Association, referred to    160

Waste land results from destruction of seed trees    225

Water-power development referred to    93

on Winnipeg river    84

Waterton Lakes park, extension of in Alberta    96

referred to    259

Waterways, easy access to country by    68

Weeks Law, educational work in United States under    95

Wellington Copper Co. railway    14

Western Canada Power Co. railway    12

no fires on in 1913    39

Western cedar, conditions in which found    216

Western Dominion railway    12

Western hemlock, areas where it occurs    215

White clover, follows severe burning    206

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