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Trent Watershed (Continued)   PAGE

protection of cut-over lands not considered worth while    79

result of repeated fires    79

suggested government conference re protection of    80

suggested basis for taking over by Dominion    95

survey of forest conditions of    166

value of watershed protection as demonstration    94

Trent Watershed Survey    79

report on, referred to    171

Trent Watershed Survey, referred to    166, 171, 205, 208

Trespass, provision for dealing with    262

usually punished by double dues    265

Turtle Mountain reserve, segregated    236

creation of, referred to    257

description of    239

Types found within burns of various ages    169


UNDER-VEGETATION, burning to remove    229

classified    226

luxuriant growth of    221

result of on tree growth    221

Unfavourable conditions for regeneration of forest    102

Union Bay, referred to    213

ages of trees found at    216

United States, compared with Canada    3

conditions in, used as basis for report    100

co-operative fire protection in    96

costs of brush disposal in    255

educational work in Eastern States    95

forest service of, investigations by    210

forest experiment stations in, referred to    210

lumber supplied to Prairie provinces, referred to    234

National forests, administration of    210

railway lines, fire protection by    3

supply of timber to, referred to    75

timber administration affords example    273

timber sale contracts, referred to    271

United States Forest Service, referred to    147

lack of funds to handle planting    151

piling and burning slash on timber sales of    147

results secured by, referred to    159

statement by District Forester District No. 6    159

Upper Ottawa, association proposed for    96

timber suffered severely on    67

Utah, cost of brush disposal in    255

Utilization studies in forestry    211


VALUE of forest as source of permanent employment    205

Value of protection not appreciated    202

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