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Timber and Grazing Branch (Continued)   PAGE

responsibility of    81

timber limits under jurisdiction of    231

Timber, Mineral and Grazing Branch formed    256

Timber berths in Saskatchewan, area of    240

Timber famine in west, fear of    257

Timber largely controlled by private capital    102
Timber sale contracts of British Columbia contain agreement re slash

disposal    271

Timber sales and railway permits in British Columbia    114

Timber should only be disposed of through timber sales    232

Timber under license far in excess of market requirements    274

Time required for slash to disappear    147

Timiskaming and Northern Ontario railway    14

Timiskaming country, fire protection in    68

Top-lopping, necessary for good of the forest    141

opinion of operator quoted re cost of    137

situation in the Adirondacks    162

Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo railway    11-13

Toronto, market of, may be reached with produce    207

Toronto University, Faculty of Forestry, referred to    86, 91 168

Travel in the Coastal regions of British Columbia    212

Tree growth in British Columbia ceases at about 7,000 feet altitude    244

Tree planting, cost of    151

division. creation of    258

in Manitoba and the Northwest    257

Tree studies, subdivided    211

Trees producing viable seed    178

Trees of inferior value follow fires    168

Trees per acre according to age by decades, Douglas fir    218

per acre according to age by decades, cedar    220

percentages of, cedar    218, 220

Trent canal, help protect investment on    211

protection of watershed of    79, 93, 94, 168, 208

regulation of water supply of    79

Trent river, referred to    171

Trent Valley region, hardwood forests of    173

Trent watershed, co-operation between governments suggested    83

co-operation for fire-protection suggested    94

co-operation urged in protection    98

Crown lands practically all non-agricultural    93

discussion respecting, referred to    93

division of ownership of    93

Dominion vitally interested    94

investment in lands of, would be paying one    95

little hope for provincial protection    94

ownership of land in    80

placing under Dominion Forestry Branch suggested    94

protection and recuperation of       83

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