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State work in Brush Disposal, Minnesota    157

State work in Brush Disposal, Washington    160

Statement of fire causes, by Boston and Maine railroad    3

Steam railways not subject to Board    14

Stebbing, Prof. E. P., English forester, quoted    164

Stony lake, referred to    171
Stubble fire guarding

letter from Board re    55

personal investigation of conditions    55

conference held at Winnipeg re    55

difficulties of    55

Study of forest conditions on public domain in Alberta    80

Study of Forest Reproduction    76

Stump diameter limit has no significance    264

Suggested means of protection    203

Summary of cost of brush disposal    141

Summary of fire reports    38

Summary of fire-guard construction (table)    66

Summary of forest conditions    190

Summary of timber areas in B.0    111

Supreme Court, final consideration of Order 16,570 by    4

Superintendent of Dominion Parks, inspection in charge of    253

Survey carried out, plan of    169

Surveyor General, referred to    256

urges the planting of trees    257

Swamp areas of Burleigh-Methuen area    173

Swamp lands in Manitoba    :   232

Swan hills, a forested watershed    77

valley slopes of, referred to    245

Sydney and Louisburg railway    15


TELEPHONE LINE, cost of    203

Telephone lines badly needed    68

Temiscouata railway    11, 13   20

no fires on in 1913    39

Tete Jaune district, report on    127

conditions attached to permits in    127

free permits for timber for ties and other purposes    127

leniency shown in enforcing of conditions    128

The Pas, country around, referred to    251

Thousand Islands railway    11, 13

Ties, number manufactured    234

Timber and Grazing Branch, administration of timber berths by   92

areas under jurisdiction of    232

enforcement of regulations re licensed berths    269

field staff limited    81

jurisdiction over licensed timber berths    81

no criticism of administration       82

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