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Severe fires reduce number of seed trees    198

Shawanaga Indian reserve, clearing up in    50

disposal of old slashings along Canadian Pacific railway line in    90

Shawnigan lake, ages of trees found at    216

Shingles, number manufactured    234

Shuswap lake, referred to    247

Sicamous, country near, referred to    247

Sierra Nevada Mountains, bark borer in forests of    164

Sifton, Sir Clifford, referred to    72

Silvical studies, subdivided    211

Silvicultural handling of forests, information on    168

Silvicultural investigations, headings classed under    211
Situation in National forests in Minnesota, Michigan, South Dakota,

Colorado and Wyoming    152

Skeena river, watershed of, referred to    104, 105, 111

Slash burning, best conditions for    122

comparison of cost with loss caused by destruction by insects    16S

in coniferous forests of California    229

Slash, cost of piling and burning    147

Slashings along railway lines, voluntary clean up    47

Slash disposal, as a fire-preventive questioned    134

British Columbia contracts contain agreement re    271

consideration of question necessary    231

co-operative action for    49

matter of pressing importance    271

on licensed berths in Alberta, not enforced    133

on timber leases and licenses in British Columbia    115

report on in Alberta    132

United States contracts contain agreement re    271

Slash evil, greatest menace to safety of timber    271

Slash, removal of to reduce fire hazard    117

Small, M. C., of Laurentide Co., referred to    140

South America, reference to trade of    260

Southampton railway    15

Southern coastal forests of British Columbia    214

South Saskatchewan river, referred to    240, 242

Spark arrester, expert employed to devise    95

Special instructions to railway employees, issuing of    20

Special patrolmen in forest sections    69

Spruce Woods reserve set aside    236, 238

creation of, referred to    257

Squatting, in connection with forest conservation    249

St. John Valley railway    15

St. Lawrence and Adirondack railway   11-13

St. Martins railway    11-14

no fires on in 1914    39

St. Maurice watershed, referred to    139

Start must be made in location of greater hazard    271

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