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Saskatchewan, brush disposal instructions issued    135

cost of top-lopping on tie-cutting operation    136

detailed cost of brush disposal    135

drainage system, area of    242

estimate of saw-timber    85

field inspection work in    252

fire ranging districts of    251

fire-guard construction in    66

forest fire laws of, referred to    232

forest reserves in    240

improvements in forest reserves of    241

inventory should be resumed    97

inventory of forest resources in    75, 84

lumber cut of    239, 242

lumber mills of and amount sawed    234

major portion yet owned by Dominion    270

new forest reserves and additions to, recommended in    78, 79

northern, forests of    242

poplar lumber sawed in    239

progress of inventory and area covered    85

province of, formed    256

railways subject to Board in    12

rangers working under ancient legislation    271

regulations re white spruce-aspen type    264

results of cordwood operations in    135

spruce forest of, referred to    241

spruce resources much overestimated    85

steam railway not subject to Railway Commission in    14

study of forest conditions on public domain of    80

varieties of timber on forest reserves of    240

width of agricultural plain in, referred to    233

Saskatchewan river, referred to    240, 251

main watershed of    77

Saskatchewan valley, area burned in    243

Schomberg and Aurora railway    11, 13

Scientific Investigations    96

Scott, D'Arcy, Assistant Chief Commissioner    4

Scribner rule, referred to    198

Second burning kills young forest    224

Secretary of State for Canada, Northwest Territories placed under   256

Seed carried by the wind, example of    226

Seeds of Douglas fir and hemlock retain vitality for years    225

Seed trees, repeated fires destroy    197

Selkirk mountains, climatic conditions of    247

Seriousness of fire damage realized    257

Settlers granted permits to cut for own use    267

Settlers' land, dangerous condition of    68

Settlers' permits in Alberta, conditions attached to    133

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