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plans for burning slash in vicinity of    131

Riding Mountain reserve, referred to    233

creation of, referred to    257

description of    237

material cut in, under settlers' permits    238

set aside as reserve    236

varieties of timber on    237

Right-of-way clearing    1, 45

important factor in railway fire hazard    45

constant attention required    45

neglect of, and causes    45

Right-of-way, clearing outside of    46

conditions for burning on    7

fires on, due to careless sectionmen    45

fires on, resulting from cigars and cigarettes    45

importance of rendering nearly fireproof ..:   45

to be kept free of combustible matter    7

Rocky Mountain and Plateau region    108

poor soil fertility and low supply of moisture    109

situation and climatic conditions    108

Rocky Mountain Forest Reserve, referred to    237, 241, 259

description of    242

forests, subdivision of    242

immature timber stands on    245

in Alberta, referred to    242

mature stands of timber in    244

park subdivisions of    242

subdivision of area included in    242

subdivision of, referred to    259

Rocky Mountain House, referred to    241, 251

Rocky Mountains, referred to    233, 246

establishment of game preserve suggested    84

forests of, referred to    102

Root collar injured by fire    186

Rouge river, referred to    95

Ruperts Land, referred to    256

Rutland and Noyan railway    11-13

no fires on, in 1913    39
Ryder. E. A., commissioner, department of fire claims, Boston and Maine

railroad, quoted    49


SALAL, undergrowth of    227

Sales of timber by tender    269

Salisbury and Albert railway    11, 14

no fires on in 1914    40

Salmon Arm fire protection district    253

Salmon River and Northern railway    15

Sandy lake, referred to    172

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