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fire protection situation partly cleared up    88

further action necessary on    74

penalty for contravening regulations    8, 9

precautions taken by within reserves    25

steam, not subject to Railway Commission    14

subject to Railway Commission, by provinces    12

subject to Railway Commission in Alberta    12

under jurisdiction of Railway Commission    10

Rapid erosion of the soil on ridges    172

Rate of growth of poplar (table VII)    193

Reaching the markets, plans for    207

Rebate on stumpage dues for small logs    139

Recommendations re forest conditions in British Columbia    228

Recurrence of forest fires in British Columbia    213

Red Deer town, referred to    251

Red Deer river, forest fire conditions near    243

Red river, main watershed of    77

Red River valley, elevation of    233

Reduction of fire hazard in Algonquin park    89

Reduction of railway fire hazard    89

Re-establishment of pine trees retarded by fires    168

Reforestation Act, referred to    167

Refusal of land owners to permit fire-guarding    65.

Regional studies of types and forest conditions    211

Regional types in Railway Belt    247

Regulated burning of slash    228

Regulations governing lumbering in Alberta    264

Regulations, no policy calling for enforcement of    231

Regulations of Board of Railway Commissioners, referred to    252

Removal of slash to reduce fire hazard    117

Repeated fires destroy seed trees    197

Repeated fires destroy valuable species    87

Re-planting of pine necessary    209,

Report on forest resources of British Columbia, referred to    85

Report on slash disposal in Alberta    132'

Reports on fire dangers    117

Representations to British Columbia re game preserve    99
Reproduction of Commercial Species in the Southern Coastal Forests of

British Columbia, by C. D. Howe, Ph.D    212'

Reproduction Study in British Columbia    86

Requirements of regulations rc disposal of debris    231

Resolutions of Committee on Forests, 1914    97

Results of 1912 substantiated    166.

Results of protection    203

Results of present system of lumbering    204

Results secured by Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railway    3'

Revelstoke, referred to    261

fire protection district       253

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