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Railway Belt district (Continued)   PAGE

burning by forest officer    130

climatic conditions of regions    247

coast district of    253

comparatively little alienated    247

condition of forests on    129

danger from clearing operations outside of    130

government assumes responsibility of burning    131

little agricultural land    247

major portion yet owned by Dominion    270

provisions for slash disposal    253

Revelstoke district    253

Salmon Arm district    253

short seasons for slash burning with safety    131

squatting exists throughout    249

subdivisions of outside reserves    253

tracts of country available for forest lands    78

Railway Belt Forest reserves    248

Glacier park reserve    248

Yoho park reserve    248

Long Lake reserve    248

four additional reserves formed in 1913    248

Railway Belt in British Columbia    129, 232
Railway Commission. (See Board of Railway Commissioners.)

Railway Commissioners, Board of    1-10

Railway companies co-operating    253

Canadian Northern Quebec railway    35

Canadian Northern railway    21, 35

Canadian Pacific railway (Eastern lines)    34

Canadian Pacific railway (Western lines)    25

Edmonton, Dunvegan & British Columbia railway    33

Esquimalt and Nanaimo railway    32

Grand Trunk railway    35

Grand Trunk Pacific railway    29

Great Northern railway (British Columbia)    31

Kettle Valley railway    32

Temiscouata railway    35

Victoria and Sidney railway    33

Railway fire patrols, referred to    19

relieving railway company from maintaining patrols    21

Railway fire protection work    72, 87

handicaps from outside rights-of-way    89

Railway fire regulations by Board, referred to    87

Railway Fire Situation, by Clyde Leavitt    1

Railway Lands Branch, referred to    233

Railways, Application of, to amend Order No. 16,570    4

Railways in British Columbia subject to Railway Commission    12

Railways in Canada not subject to Railway Commission    74

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