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on area burned twice    195

on area burned three times    196

on area burned many times    196

forecasted yield thirty years hence    196

loss of by repeated fires    167

probable yield summarized    197

yield of, on area    179

yield of, per acre    167

QUEBEC, classification of land in " clay belt "    83

co-operative fire protective associations of    201

diameter limit for cutting in    265

difficult conditions in    67

dues on spruce in    262

fire season of 1914 in    38

fire protection along lines of Canadian Pacific railway in    67

forest fire protective organization of    1

forest reserves and parks in    92

inventory of timber supplies, co-operation invited    83

legislation, reference to    253

licensee bears the whole cost of fire protection in    263

planting operations on limited scale by    211

province of, referred to    13, 14

brush disposal, little consideration given to    139

railways subject to Railway Commission in    13

statement re forest conditions in    139

steam railways not subject to Board in    14

use of timber previously wasted    139

Quebec and Lake St. John railway    11, 13, 20

comes under jurisdiction of Railway Commission    88

Quebec and Saguenay railway    15

Quebec Central railway    15

Quebec Forest Protection Branch, officials appointed fire inspectors    73

Quebec Forest Service has extensive organization    97

Quebec, Montreal and Southern railway    11, 13

Quebec Oriental railway    11, 13

information re fire situation in    40

Quebec Public Utilities Commission    20

Queen Charlotte islands, forests of    104

soil conditions of    105

merchantable forests of    105

Quesnel lake, classes of timber surrounding    106

RABBITS, destruction by    241

Railway Act of Canada, referred to    31, 252

administration reorganized in 1912    130

appointment of slash burner for    130

Railway Belt district, area of    246

broadcast burning only possible method       131

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