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Parks Branch, Dominion, referred to    1

creation of, referred to    259

disposal of slash within, on old licenses    270

field organization sufficient to handle work    81

jurisdiction in enforcing regulations    81

Parliament of Canada, legislative authority of    4

Parsnip river, reference to drainage basin of    110

reference to valley of    111

Pasquia hills, a forested watershed    77

Peace river, reference to    111, 242

Peace River block, reference to    111

area of    232, 246

Peace river country, referred to    251

Peace River tributaries, referred to    241

Pembina mountains, referred to    233

Pere Marquette railway    11-13

Permanent benefits to be derived    204

Permanent field force composed of    259

Permit for burning, non-existence of in Ontario    68

Permit system very widely made use of    267

Permits allowing removal of dead or fallen timber in parks    270

Permits outside reserves, early regulations re    266

Perpetuation of the forest, provisions to ensure    232

Peterborough county, referred to    167, 168

project under consideration    208

Pettis, C. R., Supt. of State Forests, New York, quoted    162

Philipsburg Railway and Quarry Co. railway    15

Physiographic conditions    171

Piche, G. C., Chief, Quebec Forest Service, quoted    139

Pine, in the Blue Mountain region    174

possible future value of    167

potential stumpage value of    167

reproduction on burned areas (Table XI)    199

Pines forest reserve    240

Plan of survey carried out    169

Plans for control of Burleigh-Methuen area    208

Planting cost, details    151

Plumas National forest, epidemic in    165

Political interference results in weak administration    273

Poplar lumber, amount sawed in Prairie provinces    239

characteristics of    239

potential value of existing stand    167

Porcupine hills, a forested watershed    77

area devastated    243

Porcupine No. 2 forest reserve    240

Porcupine Hills reserve, referred to    236, 238

Porcupine mountain, referred to    233

Portable sawmills should accompany tie and piling operations    268

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