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classification of land in " clay belt " of    83

condition of forest reserve to be maintained    92

conditions very unsatisfactory    


dues on spruce in    262

enforcement of legislation required in    74

fire inspection organization incomplete    39

fire protection along lines of Canadian Pacific railway in    67

fire season of 1914 in    38

forest fire protective organization of    1

ground rent per mile    263

inventory of timber supplies, co-operation invited    83

licensee bears the whole cost of fire protection in    263

north-western, lumber supplied to Prairie provinces by    234

planting operations on limited scale by    211

present revenue from woods and forests in    92

provision for disposal of road slash, referred to    89

railways subject to Railway Commission in    13

settlement of section of, serious consequences of    79

steam railways not subject to Railway Commission in    14

undesirable conditions, people living under    79
Ontario Department of Lands, Forests and Mines, officials appointed fire

inspectors    73

Ontario Government, has only nucleus of forestry organization   97

urged to further extend forest reserve area    98

Operating Department of Railway Commission, referred to    73

Operations in Alberta from which slash results    133

Operations on licensed timber berths, provisions of license    231

Operators complain of added responsibility by brush disposal    155

Operators convinced of value of burning slash    115

Order No. 16,570, Board Railway Commissioners    31, 72

Orders 3,245 and 15,995, Board Railway Commissioners    51

Oregon, coast regions of, referred to    103

laws re slash disposal in, referred to    49

national forest timber sales, disposal of slash on    159

Organization, fire-protective    15

Original pine forests rill never be duplicated    178

Ottawa and New York railway    11-13

Otter creek, referred to    171

Outside reserves, forest protection of lands    250

Over-production of lumber in British Columbia    229

Owners of mills may be granted permits    267

Owners to permit fire-guarding, refusal of    65


PACIFIC coast, forests of, referred to    102

Pacific Great Eastern railway    14

Paid permits, conditions of    269

Palmer Bros. & Hemming, brush piling by, referred to    128

Park areas within reserves under separate administration    268

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