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Northern Interior region    111

climatic conditions of    111

condition of forest in    111

Northern New Brunswick and Seaboard railway    15

Northern peninsula of Michigan, report on    162

Northwest Territories, referred to    256

annual destruction of timber throughout    257

boundary of application of regulations shifted eastward    261

disposal of timber in, referred to    260

early regulations governing permits in    266

regulations governing yearly licenses    260

regulations re disposal of timber, referred to    261

tree-planting urged in    257

Notes on situation in United States : Some suggestions on brush disposal   147

Nova Scotia, action re provincially chartered railways recommended    83

active co-operation in fire protection still pending    88

co-operation delayed    1

enforcement of legislation required in    74

fire season of 1914 in    38

has no forestry organization    97

provincial forester, proposed appointment referred to    88

railways subject to Board in    f4

should be urged to appoint provincial forester    97

steam railways not subject to Board in    15
Number of poplar trees per acre and volume to be expected on the average

acre after the next 30 years on the areas burned once (Table VII)   194

on areas burned twice (Table VIII)    195

on areas burned three times (Table IX)    195

on areas burned many times (Table X)    196

Number of times area burned, how determined    169

Number of trees on sample strips burned after logging    224

Number of trees per acre, referred to    178
Numerical proportion of reproduction of various species on the average acre

in order of the number of times burned (Table V)    190


.OAK barrens, area of    192

Oak Lake settlement, referred to    172

Objection to game preserve in British Columbia    96

Officials of British Columbia Forest Branch appointed fire inspectors   73

Oil-burning engines, no fires caused by    44

Oil-burning engines, installed by Grand Trunk Pacific railway    44

Oil-burning engines, used on Canadian Pacific railway    44

Oldman (Livingstone) river, referred to    243

One burning after lumbering does not interfere with reproduction of pine   178

Ontario, action re provincially chartered railways recommended    83

area of forest reserves in    92

brush disposal, nothing being done on Crown lands    158

brush disposal, statement by Provincial department       139

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