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NASS RIVER, watershed of    104, 105, 111

Nation river, referred to    95, 110

National Forests in Washington and Oregon    159

National Transcontinental railway    14, 15

special fire patrol established on    74

Nature of investigation in British Columbia    213

Natural reproduction of forest through control of cutting    80

Necessity of burning slash and under-vegetation    229

Nechako river, reference to drainage system of    110

Nevada, cost of brush disposal in    255

New and additions to forest reserves in Alberta recommended    78

New and additions to forest reserves in British Columbia recommended   78

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island railway    15

New Brunswick Coal and Railway Co. railway    11, 14

New Brunswick, action re provincially chartered railways recommended   83

diameter limit for cutting in    264

dues on spruce in    262

enforcement of legislation required in    74

fire protection along C.P.R. lines in    67

fire season of 1914 in    38

fire situation in    67

forest fire protective organization of    1

has no forestry organization    97

inventory of timber supplies, co-operation should be encouraged   83

railways subject to Board in    14

should be urged to appoint provincial forester    97

standing timber on Crown timber lands of    76

steam railways not subject to Board in    15
New Brunswick Department of Crown Lands, officials appointed fire

inspectors    73

New England, experience of, referred to    273

New Hampshire, laws re slash disposal in, referred to    49

New Jersey, laws re slash disposal in, referred to    49

New Westminster, Crown timber agent at    81, 234, 253, 256

New York, state law of, re top-lopping, referred to    100

Nipissing Indian reserve, clearing up in    50

Nisbet forest reserve    240

Nisbet reserve, Saskatchewan, operations on    135

Non-agricultural lands, setting aside of, for timber production   83

withholding from settlement of    83

North river, referred to    171

North Saskatchewan river, referred to    240, 241, 242, 243

North Shore railway    15

North Thompson River watershed, referred to    106

Douglas fir in pure stands along    109

Northern Coast region, climatic conditions of    104

Northern Forest Protective Association, work of    162

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