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_Methuen township (Continued)   PAGE

central and eastern portions of    171

good farm lands in southern portion of    173

growth studies in    192

swamp areas of use for market gardens    207

two severe fires on, referred to    179

Michigan, brush disposal conditions in    152

northern peninsula of, report on    162

Michigan Central railroad    11, 13

Millar, W. N., District Inspector of Forest Reserves, report by   132

Mills, James, Commissioner, Railway Commission    4

Minister of Lands, British Columbia, referred to    47

Minister of Lands, Forests and Mines, Ontario, referred to    48

may order removal of fire danger    48

Minister of Public Works, British Columbia, order issued by    132

Minnesota, brush disposal conditions in    152

cost of brush disposal in    255

instructions for disposing of slash    158

laws re slash disposal in, referred to    49

State Forest Service, work of    157

statement of Supervisor Marshall re    152

state work in brush disposal in    157

Mire creek, area burned near    244

Mission creek, reference to watershed of    123

Mississagi forest reserve, addition to    93

Mistletoe, older trees attacked by    241

Mitchell, J. Alfred, quoted    164

Modern administration, working for continuity of crop    273

Moncton and Buctouche railway    11   14

information re fire situation on    39

Moncton, N.B., referred to    74

Montana, climate of, referred to    108

forests in    255

Montreal lake, referred to    251

Moose Jaw, permits issued by timber office at    267

Moose lake, referred to    236

Moose Mountain forest reserve    240

creation of    257

Morrissey, Fernie and Michel railway    14

Motor boats, use of, for fire protection    68

Mountain goats, preservation of    96

Mountain sheep, preservation of    96

Municipal Council may file statement re fire danger    48

Murray, H. B., District Forester, supplemental statement by    129

Murray, Sir George, reference to report of    80, 91

Muskoka district, Ontario, referred to    39

information relative to fires in    90


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