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Manitoba (Continued)   PAGE

disposal of timber in, referred to    260

early regulations governing permits in    266

escarpment running through    233

estimate of spruce saw-timber in    86

field inspection work in    252

fire-guard construction in    66

fire ranging districts of    251

forest conditions in    137

forest fire laws of, referred to    232

forest reserves of, referred to    240,

lake, referred to    236, 251

lumber mills of and amount sawed    234

major portion yet owned by Dominion    270

mill sale price of spruce, referred to    262

new forest reserves recommended in    79

poplar lumber sawed in    239

province of, formed    256

railways subject to Board in    12

rangers working under ancient legislation    271

regulations for disposal of slash    138

regulation governing yearly licenses    260

regulations re disposal of timber referred to    261

regulations re white spruce-aspen type of    264

spruce forest of, referred to    241

study of forest conditions on public domain of    80

subdivision of land area    236

timber berths in    236,

tree planting urged in    257

width of agricultural plain in    233

Mann Lumber Co., contract with, referred to    150

Many smaller fires occur    170

Map, classification of species, referred to    103

Maritime Railway, Coal and Power Company railway    15

Market gardens from swamps    206,

Markets, plans for reaching the    207

Marmora Railway and Mining Co    11-13

Marshall, G. E., supervisor of Minnesota forests, quoted    152'

Marsh hay makers responsible for fires    187

Massachusetts, laws re slash disposal in, referred to    49

Mature forests of British Columbia    214

Mature timber largely pine north of Bow river    244

McInnes Lumber Co., slash burning on limits of    121

Medicine Bow forest, cost of burning on    154

Mensuration, study of re forestry    211

Methuen township, area burned but once in    174

area burned three times in    183

area examined in    168

best pine reproduction on lowland       174.

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