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Lolo forest, Montana, conditions in    149

contract with Mann Lumber Co. in, conditions of    150

Long Lake Forest reserve, referred to    248

Lookout, Man., cost of cottage for    203

Lookout station suggested for Blue mountain    203

Lopping of tops, object of    254

of doubtful value on Dominion lands    255

Loss of stumpage values    199

Lotbiniere and Megantic railway    14

Low cost of collecting data in British Columbia    85

Low rentals charged by Federal government, results of    263

Lower Ottawa Forest Protective Association    95

area protected by    95

Lumber, amount consumed by Prairie provinces    234

amount manufactured from licensed berths    234, 235

amount manufactured from permit berths    234, 235

amount manufactured under permit by homestead settlers    235

number of mills operating    234

number of portable mills operating    234

Lumber cut on Dominion lands; distribution of (table)    234

Lumber dues on Dominion licensed berths practically stationary   262

Lumber manufactured from tops    268

Lumber industry of Prairie provinces    234

of British Columbia    234

Lumbering in Alberta, regulations governing    264

Lumbering methods leave insufficient seed trees    264

Lumbering, results of present system of    204

Lumberman must be rewarded for his foresight    273

Lusk, D. W., investigation on lands of Laurentide Co., by    140


MABEE, J. P., Chief Commissioner, referred to    72

MacFayden, C., District Forester, B.C., report by    127

opinion re brush piling and top-lopping    129

Mackenzie river, main watershed of    77

Mackenzie River system, referred to    242

MacMillan, H. R., Chief Forester, British Columbia    16

letter of re brush disposal    115

MacTier, A. D., General Manager, Canadian Pacific railway, letter of    69

circular No. 8 issued by    71

Maganetawan River railway    14

Maine Central railroad    11-13

Maine, laws re slash disposal in, referred to    49

Management of Dominion timber lands, decision re    272

Management, subdivision of    210

Manitoba, annual destruction of timber throughout    257

areas of forest reserves in    237

attitude of operators re fire protection    138

boundary of. referred to       240

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