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Large and medium trees not seriously injured by one fire    222

Lath, number manufactured    234

Laurentian mountains, serious fires on    67

Laurentian region, referred to    233

Laurentian Co., experimental work by, referred to    139

investigation on lands of    140

Leaving of seed trees, provision for    262

Leavitt, Clyde, Chapter on " The Railway Fire Situation" by   1

introduction to Chapter on " Brush Disposal " by    100

letters re fire guarding    51, 63

letters of instruction to Canadian Northern railway re fire patrols    20

referred to re broadcast burning    229

reports of Committee on Forests by    72

Legislation of British Columbia, reference to    253

Lesser Slave lake, referred to    242, 245

Lesser Slave Lake forest reserve, Alberta    237, 245

timber conditions on    246

varieties of timber on    245

Letters prescribing patrols    20

Letter to operators on coast re brush disposal    115

Licensed timber berths, regulations re cutting    92

enforcement of cutting regulations on    98

License is a yearly one, understanding re    262

License to dispose of lumbering slash    265

License regulations, present    261

some amendments to    261

Licenses, provisions re establishing mill to cut timber    261

Lievre river, Que., referred to    95

Limit-holders, assisted in furnishing information    75

Lines brought under Railway Commission    88

Little Red Deer, headwaters of, track overrun by fire    243

Livingstone range, referred to    243

Local organizations needed    68

Locomotive fuel    44

use of oil as such    44

use of certain classes of western coal    44

complaints re danger from use of    44

Mines Branch, co-operation in investigation of by    44

Commission of Conservation, co-operation in investigation of by   44

Locomotives, fire protection, equipment for    45

independent examination of    5

instructions for operating    5

use of lignite by    5

use of oil fuel by    7

Lodgepole pine, conditions of reproduction    245

Logging without burning    221

Logging with burning    222

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