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Howe, Dr. C. D., Ph.D., cost of detailed study by    76

report on Trent Watershed by    79

reproduction study in British Columbia    86
The Effect of Repeated Forest Fires upon the Reproduction of Com-

mercial Species in Peterborough county, Ontario, by    166

Huckleberry barrens, referred to    187

originally well stocked with pine    187

IDAHO, climate referred to    108

cost of brush disposal in    255

Imports of lumber into Alberta and Saskatchewan    115

Imposition of diameter limit, reason for    264

Incongruity of uniform cutting regulations    264

Increase in fire hazard through combustible material    102

India, conditions in, referred to    164

forest experiment stations in, referred to    210

Indian Affairs, department of, clearing up by    50

Indian Forest Memoirs, quoted from    164

Indian Head, Sask., establishment of nursery at    258

Indirect benefits of the forest    168

Individual timber sale policy should be adopted    274

Inflammable debris, legislation required to guard against    49

Influence of density upon growth    230

Influence of forest cover upon stream-flow    167

Information furnished by British Columbia Forest Branch    75

Information supplied by district inspector for Alberta    243

Inspections by district foresters, procedure to be covered in reports    120

Inspection, of fire protective appliances    44

of protection work by railway companies    252

staff, efficiency and sufficiency of    2

work, British Columbia    16

Instructions to railway employees, satisfactory compliance by companies   44

Insufficient protection provided in eastern Canada    39

Intercolonial railway    14, 15

much inflammable material on right-of-way    74

special instructions to employees, referred to    88

International railway of New Brunswick    15

absorbed into Government Railway System    88

fire patrols and thorough cleaning up required    88

right-of-way clearing, attention needed    98

Interior wet belt region    106

classes of timber found on    106

comparison with Coast fir region    107

suffered severely from fire    107

Interprovincial and James Bay railway    4

Inventory, of forest resources of British Columbia    84

of British Columbia commenced    75

of British Columbia should be compiled    97

of Saskatchewan       84

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