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Grand Trunk railway    11, 13, 20

co-operation in clearing up inflammable debris    50

co-operative work in Algonquin park    89

Grand Trunk Pacific railway    3, 11, 12, 13, 20, 242

areas under permit along, examined in 1914    129

construction of, referred to    127

co-operation in experiments with coal    95

objections to provisions of Order No. 16,570    3

Grassy brook, referred to    '   171

Grazing lands, fenced, owners refused to permit construction of fire-guards   65

fire-guarding of    54

orders issued by Board, granting authority    65

railways requesting authority to enter upon lands    65

Great Northern railway    11, 12, 20

use of power speeders on    37

Griffin lake, precipitation at, referred to    247

Ground fires occur in April and May    170

Ground rent of Dominion lands in British Columbia    263

Ground rent of Provincial lands in British Columbia    263

Growth of poplar, rate of (table VII)    193

Growth, rate of, dependent upon soil conditions    193

Growth studies in Burleigh township    192

Growth studies, reasons for    192

'Growth studies upon young fir    230

Guarantee Act, Canadian Northern railway    14   20

lines come tinder jurisdiction of Board under terms of    88

Guarding timber berths from fire, provision re cost of    262

Gutches, G. A., District Inspector of Forest Reserves, report by   135



Halifax and Southwestern railway    11, 14

comes under Board's jurisdiction    88
Handling mature timber, continuance of present methQds means exhaustion 273

Hastings county, policy initiated by    208

Hemlock in British Columbia becomes predominant species    103

number of seedlings per acre    220

predominant, area in which    219

Herchmer, F. K., District Inspector of Forests, report by    187

Highwood River valley, area burned in    243

best spruce originally occurred in    244

Hofman, Dr., referred to    225

Hopping, Ralph, article by, quoted    163

Hudson's Bay Company, referred to    232

rights of, referred to    256

Hudson bay, referred to    233, 251

drainage to    242

Hudson Bay junction, referred to    251

Hydraulic Summit, reference to Kettle Valley railway across   123

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