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Fraser River basin, classes of timber on area    110

plans for burning slash area of    131

precipitation records not dependable    110

seventy-five per cent of area burned    111

Fraser river, classes of timber along    106

Douglas fir in pine stands along    109

Free permits, conditions of    269

Fredericton and Grand Lake Coal and Railway Co   15

Future production of pine    198


GAME PRESERVES, establishment of, urged    84

Game preserves in Alberta    96

Game preserve in British Columbia, interference with development   96

Game preserve, results limited without co-operation of British Columbia   96

Game Preservation, report of Committee on    96

Game preserve, representations to British Columbia re    99

Gatineau river, referred to    95

General description of Burleigh-Methuen territory, Peterborough Co., Out   171

General order No. 107    4

penalty for neglect to obey    71

standard screens prescribed by    45

General Superintendents of Canadian Pacific Ry., letter to    69

Geological Survey, estimates of coal deposits by    243

Geological Survey Report, referred to    171

Geology of the Haliburton and Bancroft Areas, referred to    171

Germany, forest experiment stations in, referred to    210

Gibson landing, referred to    216

Gilmour, J. D., District Forester, B.C., report by    121

Glacier National Park, Montana, referred to    84, 96, 248, 259

Glacier, precipitation at    247

Gladwin, W. C., assistant provincial fire inspector, B.C   36

Glengarry and Stormont railway    11-13

Gold mountain range, referred to    102, 261

climatic conditions of    247

Goodeve, A. S., Commissioner    4

Good reproduction is not uniform    228

Goose lake, referred to    236

Government is financially interested    273

Government forest policy of British Columbia    114

Government of province of British Columbia    4

Government paid one-half cost of fire protection    202

Government railways—recommendations of Committee on Forests, re   82

Government railways, further action necessary on    74
Government railways, resolution re being made subject to Railway Com-

mission    83, 88, 98

Grain-Growers' Associations, submission of draft order to    51

conference with    55

Grand rapids, referred to    251

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